5K Running Buddy

Run a 5k like you never have before. Be a Running Buddy for one of the Girls on the Run 5K events. Partner with an incredible girl from one of our programs, then run a 5K with her: encouraging her, cheering her on and sharing in her excitement along the way!  You will recognize your buddy’s limits and support her to achieve her goals; you will be inspired and you will have the time of your life.

Running Buddy requirements and responsibilities:

  • Be at least 16 years old (men and women are both encouraged to register)
  • Model enthusiastic, supportive, fun and flexible* behaviors at all times.
  • Donate the regular race registration fee. (non-refundable)
  • Attend the pre-race Running Buddy practice at your program’s site and meet your buddy! Practices are typically held in the afternoons during regular business hours.
  • Run, jog, or power walk the race with your Running Buddy girl!**
  • Enjoy the pre-run celebration and have fun!

*Flexibility is critical, working with so many kids means working with chaos and last minute changes!

**If your Running Buddy girl does not show up on race day, we will try our best to match you up with another girl and we appreciate your patience and understanding in advance, as we manage last minute efforts.

***If you are the parent (guardian) of a GOTR girl and would like to run the 5k with her, you may attend any practice during the season and submit your registration  anytime to be her Running Buddy.

If you cannot attend a pre-race Running Buddy practice at the program site,  you will be paired with and meet your Running Buddy girl when you check in on race day.

Your involvement with our 5k Run greatly benefits the girls that we serve.